SQL Server Unit v1.6
This is a 100% T-SQL xUnit style unit testing framework for SQL Server. It contains support for a set of assert functions for the core types such as int, varchar, datetime and real along with support for exceptions and table comparisons. The package also contains a simple example database showing how the framework can be used as part of a continuous integration process.

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sql2doxygen v0.2 [Alpha]
This is a doxygen filter (implemented as PowerShell script) that transforms T-SQL code into C-style code so that doxygen can generate documention from the source code comments.

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SQL Server Schema Cop v0.1 [Alpha]
This is a static code analysis tool for SQL Server (T-SQL). Initially it provides a set of simple rules that allow you to check that your schema objects conform to your project naming conventions. In future it will also check for other common mistakes such as missing primary and foreign keys.

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